A Long Holiday takes readers around the globe with Amber Zan and her photographer peers as they travel from some of the world’s most populated cities to desolate nomadic lands. Throughout Amber’s life, thirst for adventure led her to many places only some people would dream about visiting. Despite living a comfortable existence in Vancouver, Zan decided it was time for a lifestyle change and set out to travel the world in the carefree manner she desired. It was through these adventures, she met like minded friends who shared her passions.

In 2007, Amber left her home in Vancouver and started a traveler’s ultimate dream – throughout the years, she has lived in some of the biggest and brightest cities in the world including Los Angeles, New York City, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris, just to name a few. When she’s not in an urban destination, Zan is equally at home in a tranquil, nomadic village off the beaten path.A Long Holiday was created to share these amazing gems with readers who wish to travel in style to any number of these destinations.

A Long Holiday is a photographer’s journey to some of the most beautifully designed places and tranquil destinations in the world.

Amber Zan does what only a few can do – live a free spirited existence and see the world while experiencing new things. “Some think the way I live my life is crazy, but I say I’m just on a long holiday.”

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