While previously we covered Art Basel Hong Kong, this time we discovered the original Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland! This showcase took place in June and was much more grand and spectacular then its counterparts. Art Basel is fundamental for growing modern artists to showcase their work and for others to see it in this amazing display of such separate visions and attracting those of us fascinated by the world of art. The showcase gained traffic to over 75,000 people from all around the globe. The highlighted pieces shown below demonstrate the variety of people’s artistic takes on the world around them, such as taking the familiar and turning it on its head to portraying abstractions that we seek to find a familiar shape in. Artists, collectors, gallerists, curators and art enthusiasts all came together to view these works.

Design Basel was also happening. Similar to Art Basel, it takes a modern approach from anyone with an interest in design and art combined and showcases it in a unique way that draws vast amounts of visitors from all around the world. These pieces are more dimensional than their Art Basel counterparts, but serve a similar purpose of showing the world in a unique and new way.

words by Sarah C. Photos by Werner B