You might not call it a road trip, but when life as an expatriate in Delhi, India’s capital city, take’s it’s toll, sometimes you just need to get away.



The new high speed expressway between New Delhi and Agra can be just the ticket. It connects the bustleng urban environment to the Taj Mahal seamlessly on a clean empty road with enough amenities to last, and enough souvenir outlets to rack up big shipping fees when mailing merchandise back home.



The Taj Mahal itself is serene. When viewed at a distance from the Oberoi hotel, it feels to be straight out of a lucid dream. On the lands that surround it you feel the touch of spirituality even while dodging tourists.



Just remember you aren’t the only one at India’s gem. Discarded army trucks move people to and from these places everyday, and it is not on everyone’s tally list to simple have a great adventure.


* post by Thomas Girard