The city of Galle goes back centuries, and visitors to the area will enjoy the various well-known landmarks, such as the Galle Clock Tower, Fort and Wall, which once served to protect the city generations ago. The stunning architecture and location of Galle makes it a perfect destination to shoot period-piece films, as much of the buildings still feature the old world design and style. In fact, a movie was being shot the day I was there.

The Galle Fort, outlining the city was built by the Dutch in the late 1580s, is considered the largest fortress in Asia built by Europeans and a UNESCO world heritage site. The city was virtually destroyed by the 2004 tsunami, but restoration efforts have repaired much of the city – including the outer walls.

Within the Fort, the Amangalla Resort is a five star luxury hotel that once served as a home to the Dutch Governor and staff. Today, the hotel features ornate colonial architecture, period furniture and antiques.

Have a sense of old Dutch architecture.

On my next visit, I will definitely spend a few days purely wandering the narrow streets. Many unique antique shops can be found within the fascinating walls of the fort as well as cafes and local restaurants.