The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a bustling city with many attractions and notable sites to visit. While there is plenty of entertainment and other touristy options, many will be interested in historic destinations, such as the One Pillar Pagoda – which, in addition to the Perfume Temple, is one of the country’s most recognized temples. The wooden temple is built upon a single pillar made of stone and was designed in the shape of a lotus blossom – a Buddhist symbol for purity.


The Cua Bac Catholic Church near West Lake is one of the major churches in Hanoi and features beautiful Art Deco blended with traditional Vietnamese architecture.


Ho Cho Minh’s mausoleum, found in the center of Ba Dinh Square, is another interesting location to visit in Hanoi – it’s located at the site in which Minh read the Declaration of Independence to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945. Visitors to the site must adhere to strict rules and dress code when visiting in and around the mausoleum.