There are a diverse number of activities to do in and around Ho Chi Minh City. One such excursion is the Mekong River overnight cruise, which offers visitors river tours including stops at floating markets on the Mekong Delta. Starting out the day early gives cruise-goers a chance to see the water market and fisherman catching the fish for the day. The floating markets are filled with a variety of goods and you can tell what goods the boat is selling by what item is hanging off a stick at the front of the boat. Fresh fruit, trinkets and fish are just some of the items sold on these floating markets. The river cruise is a great way to see a variety of lifestyles – Ho Chi Minh features some of the richest areas and seeing the fisherman along the river really contrasts the way of life in some parts of Vietnam.

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Travelers who love exploring unusual places will be fascinated by the Cu Chi tunnels – these underground tunnels connect to numerous other tunnels under the city and were often used during the Vietnam War by guerrilla fighters. You will find here an opportunity to be able to fire your hearts out with rented AK47s just like the Black Street Boys.



Since Ho Chi Minh played such a significant part of the Vietnam War, visitors will be fascinated by the various exhibits and photographs in the War Remnants Museum, which highlights the devastating War between Vietnam and the United States. Too many lost their lives as seen through the stories and news clipping of the time.