Distinctively different from other areas in northern India, Rajasthan is predictably Indian. It aligns itself with the common thoughts of India in the west. Kicked up dirt. Monkeys and Elephants on the streets. Dilapidated buildings everywhere and many many people from India. This photo series is a slightly different thinking on Rajasthan, focusing on the areas non-living things that bring the area to life and give it its distinct flavour.


One fun thing about Rajasthan is the street food. It’s plentiful and tasty, and comes as authentic as ever, from local vendors that line the streets. After adjusting to the foods of India, there is nothing tastier than this food. It is food that comes with love of the Indian people, and migrates through generations of culture and hospitality.



Devangari script is the written form of the spoon language in much of India. The hand painted signs and illuminated colours that cover most surfaces use this script, and it has a beautiful hand made feel that bring people back to pre-digital times. It is typography at its essence, and if you visit, it makes great pictures to show the family and friends back home.


Transportation is truly gritty and ruthless, particularly in the village like atmosphere of Rajasthan. Three wheeled bicycles with cargo attached, and similar three wheeled motorcycles carry people wherever they want to go, and the price of use is bargained for at every level.



Although these pictures paint a picture of a place filled with objects, it is quite the contrary. It is a place of people filled with sustanance and population that will wow the most persistent traveler, even if it simply gives you more of what you already might guess.


* post by Thomas Girard