When visiting the serene landscape of Inner Mongolia, a trip to the grasslands is always recommended. The timing of your visit is very important – after a long winter, it could take a few weeks for the green, soft grass to sprout up from the ground. Though still beautiful, the colors are often in the process of change if you arrive too early.

The sheer size of the Xilamuren Grasslands is a wonder of its own – from the sprawling rolling hills to the wide open spaces, the grasslands are a must-see when traveling to or from Hohhot. Sprinkled throughout the grasslands are the traditional Mongolian yurts, which are populated by the native nomads who live off the land. Additional options are available if you want to stay in a yurt overnight and immerse yourself in the culture and daily life activities of the nomads.  Throughout the hills you may also witness the sheep herders and wild animals grazing the lands.

The Xilamuren Grasslands are also a spectacular spot to capture sunrises and sunsets. The region is slowly becoming more modern, which means visitors are running out of time to experience the rustic and simple nature of the nomadic way of life. Families, couples and even singles traveling the region will find the landscape both beautiful and fascinating.