The landscape in Mongolia is rather varied – meaning in addition to mountains and grasslands, there are also sand dunes. These sand dunes are some of the highest in the world and stretch approximately 200 meters wide and rise 45 degrees up to 110 meters in height.
Known as the Resonant Sand Gorge Desert or Xiang Sha Wan Desert, the sand dunes a spectacular and unusual sight to see in China – there is also a unique feature of the dunes in that most visitors can hear some type of sounds from the sand as they surf down a hill – some visitors say they hear loud engine roars, while others hear softer sounds such as a frog’s croak.
You can explore the area by foot or for those looking for something more adventurous to get the adrenaline pumping, truck surfing is the only means of traveling throughout the large dunes. Expert drivers race up the banks of the sand dunes – which are often at a 90 degree angle – meaning it takes a few tries even to scale the dune and down across the park.
Yurts – which are circular tents used as housing by native Mongolians – are also available to explore and even stay in for the night with family hosts. Visitors in the area are highly encouraged to make a stop at the Resonant Sand Gorge Desert to explore or just soak in the eye-catching features!