Vietnam has some of the most beautiful coastal landscape in the world, and Mui Ne is one of the more popular resorts located in the southeastern region of the country, in the Binh Thuan Province. The coastal resort town is fairly new – in 1995, an increased number of visitors to the town encouraged new growth and residents, and today features a good number of cafes, bars, restaurants and luxurious resorts. The location off the water makes it a prime destination for fishing – visitors to Mui Ne will enjoy the sights of colorful fishing boats headed out to sea each morning for the catch of the day.


Beach goers flock to Mui Ne because of the gorgeous tropical beaches and sea breeze, which makes it a prime location for wind and kite surfing. The hot, dry climate is ideal for any travelers looking to escape the cold, dreary weather throughout the year and enjoy warmth and water sports. Visitors to Mui Ne who are looking for something new to do will have a great time at Jibe’s Beach Club, which offers an extensive collection of wind and kite surfing gear or sail boats.


The picturesque beaches and range of activities in Mui Ne make it a great destination for any traveler!


Though Mui Ne is well-known as a coastal resort community, there are many other things to do during a stay. When you want to take a break from relaxing at the beach or wind and kite surfing, go out and explore the points of interests around Mui Ne. Overlooking the city of Phan Thiet is the Thap Poshanu Cham Towers, which sit among the tomb of poet Nguyen Thong, pagoda and hills offering amazing views of the city. There are three towers that make up the Thap Poshanu Towers – these temples were built in the 8th century for Shiva. The pagoda, which sits near the towers, once served as an outpost for the French military.


After exploring the towers and surrounding area, another beautiful location to visit is the Fairy Stream. The location features amazing colors of silver, gold and red sand dunes with a small stream running through. Take off your shoes and walk along the stretch of the stream, the waterfall at the end of the short walk is a must-see.


Muine is also home to famous sand dunes which makes a unique experience but be aware of the many children selling anything from plastic slides to coca cola.