Accessible only by foot, your journey to Sari Organik  starts with a walk through a gorgeous scenery of rice paddies and tall palm trees. What greets you is a garden farm full of organic fruits and vegetables. The location also includes a food processing operation, which makes organic soy cheeses, breads, fermented teas and jams. Truly a hidden paradise for the health conscious to enjoy fresh ingredients in the restaurant, Bodag Maliah, or to purchase a variety of products straight from the garden.

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The restaurant features a full menu, ranging from Lassie, homemade wines and cocktails on the drink menu to organic mixed salads and main dishes, such as Lontong, Gado-Gado and a Bali-inspired Tofulafel Platter. Sari Organik started 12 years ago as a location in which to grow natural foods without using many outside resources. The concept of the farm is to go back to traditional farming techniques – no pesticides are used in the gardens – and help surrounding farmers adopt similar ways of harvesting.