Natural wonders are always interesting to see while on holiday, and the Sigiriya Rock is one of Sri Lanka’s eight World Heritage Sites. None of Sri Lanka’s many attractions do not include physical efforts –walking to the top of the Sigiriya rock for a view of the city below was no exception. It was a long hike up to the top but worth the experience.

The ancient rock is surrounded by lush gardens and structures. The city, while known for the massive rock, is also well-known for its fresco paintings dating back to ancient times. The Sigiriya Rock is thought to have once been a monastery in the 5th century B.C. and used until the 14th century.

I stayed at the Village hotel which had a great view of the rock from behind the pool. The accommodations are located close to the main village roads, which is convenient for travelers wanting to explore the area during a stay. Sit poolside and relax while being surrounded by trees, and enjoy the great view of the rock from the hotel – and you won’t be the only one, as there are often monkeys or other animals roaming around the property in this naturalistic environment!