Visitors looking for a place to eat have plenty of options when it comes to Lao-style foods served at the Tamarind Cafe. Work up an appetite walking around the market or take a small day trip to the surrounding countryside, and then stop in the café for amazing foods and refreshing drinks. Those looking to taste the local flavors will be impressed by dishes at the café – locally found ingredients and dishes offer visitors a taste of authentic Lao cuisine.  Dishes include Luang Prabang Parcels, which are wraps made up of vegetables, pastes, noodles and herbs. Soups, barbecue and stuffed lemongrass are also found on the menu. Wash the meal down with a refreshing Beer Lao, herbal or fruit tea, coconut milk — or aptly named Tamarind drink, which is enjoyed in many other cultures and cuisines.

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The café also offers cooking classes and market tours – so visitors can take a taste of their getaway home with them.