Carlos Hernandez Ovalle‘s spectacular images from an evening atop Guatemala’s most prominent volcano. A stratovolcano located in central Guatemala, Acentenango is a short distance from Antigua and recommended for hiking and sightseeing. There are two peaks within the volcanic topography including the Pico Mayor, which is the highest peak followed by Yepocapa (Three Sisters). The valley in which the volcano is located is also a significant region for growing coffee.
Hikers and explorers frequent Acentenango to get spectacular sights of the land – professional guides are also on hand to provide safe and organized excursions for every visitor. Day trips and overnight stays provide some options for guests to the area. During the day trip, hikers must leave early in the morning to reach the volcano and back within the same day. For those interested in catching a sunrise and sunset, the overnight camping stay is recommended – hikers get unobstructed views of the country and surrounding landscape from an astounding 13,044 feet up.