Formerly known as Casa Prieto, Casa Pedregal was designed by notable Mexican architect, Luis Barragan,who was known for first establishing Pedregal neighborhood of Mexico City as a residential area in the 1960s. The home was first commissioned by the Prieto family and was one of his first works. The residence was built on previous volcanic rock and is open for a private tour by reservation.
The house was recently renovated back to its original state, restoring its pink exterior (Barragan’s signature color) and structure – visitors can see some of the original rock throughout the house as well as in the backyard. Lush green landscaping complements the home and rock formations outside transforming the backyard into two distinct parts and styles.
Today, the home is owned by an eclectic modern art collector and is lived in with his two children. In addition to viewing the architecture, guests will see a variety of private art installations throughout the house – quirky and interesting to say the least – and some of which blend in nearly seamlessly with the owner’s everyday living habits. For example, there are everyday pistachios bowls as well as a modern art installation jars of pickles, which are most likely ‘the most expensive pickle you’ve ever met.’ In addition to art, there is an extensive book collection, antique bike collection and a pencil collection that is sure to rival any school child’s stash.