As the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh as a lot to offer, especially in the form of restaurants and cuisine. The history of Ho Chi Minh is long and varied – visitors to the city will see many French Colonial touches and architecture, as the city was once a part of a French colony. Luxurious restaurants and resorts are found throughout the city, which also features French Colonial-style hotels, government buildings, cathedrals and theatres. Xu Restaurant – the first dining experience of my visit, is one of the finer restaurants of the city. The food – a mixture of Vietnamese and other Asian/European dishes is just as impressive as the artsy decor filled with paintings and silver balls hanging from the ceiling. Top floor has a stylish lounge too for pre-party drinks.


Travelers to Ho Chi Minh have plenty of variety when it comes to dining and cuisine. Just as one will see a fine dining establishment, visitors to the city will find the local spots to enjoy cuisine favorites like Pho. French Colonial influences are even found in the cuisine. The stunning Le Toit Gourmand restaurant offers a luxurious setting to dine on fine ingredients like truffles, smoked salmon and foie gras. A first – sherbet with gold leaf.


Another fine dining restaurant is the Temple Club. The rich architecture with exposed brick walls, antique furniture and ambiance create a luxurious dining experience.


After checking out the fine dining, head outside and enjoy delicious food at Nha Hang Ngon, which offers a range of traditional Vietnamese flavors and ingredients in a lovely outdoor setting.